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5 Great Infographics about Healthcare Technology

I have to admit it: I’m a sucker for infographics. They’re a great way to display what would normally be an overload of key facts and data in a concise, easy to digest manner. I’ve come across many related to healthcare IT covering many topics, from social media use to the currently trending topic of big data. Below are a few infographics that I found particularly interesting. Click title or image for a link to the full infographic.

Smartphone = Smarter Healthcare?

Social Media Use in Healthcare

The Digital Essentials, Part 3
The Digital Essentials, Part 3

Developing a robust digital strategy is both a challenge and an opportunity. Part 3 of the Digital Essentials series explores five of the essential technology-driven experiences customers expect, which you may be missing or not fully utilizing.

Get the Guide

The Doctor’s Tech Toolbox

Rise of the Digital Doctor

Healthcare’s Big Data Conundrum

Have any health IT infographics lately caught your eye? What topics do you like to see infographics on?


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