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Imagine a world where I participate in my own care …

Have you ever wanted to see what the Radiologist said about your MRI along with the image itself? I am a very analytic person and I always ask for “evidence” because I want to see the “slight tear” before I make a decision on whether I need surgery or not.  I believe that data is important to my attitude and my overall healing experience.  In the new world of Accountable Care and Connected Care, I will be able to become involved in my care in meaningful ways … not only by having access to data … but also by be being accountable to do what my doctor tells me to do!

Perficient has built a patient portal demo that demonstrates how this scenario may unfold.  Take the example of “Hazel”… she has a heart valve issue along with chronic diabetes and she also recently broke her ankle.  She is determined to go home and has been released from the skilled nursing facility along with discharge instructions.  These instructions require her to take her vitals three times a day as well as complete a list of exercises to build the strength back in her ankle. Imagine the empowerment that Hazel feels … she is actually pretty computer savvy… even though she is 70 and has arthritis in both hands … but she loves to log into her patient portal and view the trend chart showing how her blood sugar shows a positive trend!  She also feels secure when her physician’s office contacts her when she forgets or when one of her metrics is inching out of range.

All of this is possible with today’s technology and the possibilities are endless using portal technology to integrate and present data, whether it is in the form of images, business transactions (i.e. pay my bill) or business intelligence (trend my blood sugar results).   Using technology, care teams can be more proactive and patients can be more engaged to take care of their health before the problem requires another hospital stay.

To learn more about Connected Care and Oracle solutions, join Perficient at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 for a presentation and demo at

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Terie McClintock

Terie McClintock is the Oracle Healthcare Practice Director at Perficient, Inc. where she is responsible for providing healthcare subject matter expertise to the Perficient Oracle National Business Unit while also cultivating and managing the partnership with Oracle’s Healthcare Vertical and Horizontal Business Units. Terie has more than 25 years of IT experience. Prior to joining Perficient, Terie contributed over 13 years at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center with the most recent title of Director, Data Management Services. Prior to M.D. Anderson, Terie worked for IBM as a Senior Consultant.

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