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IBM Business Analytics – What’s In Your Data?

IBM is an industry leader in Smarter Analytics. They offer a broad, integrated portfolio of information and analytics solutions (service, software and hardware). These capabilities can be deployed individually or through a Big Data platform. The insights revealed through Smarter Analytics can help companies make faster, more informed decisions and automate processes. Business Analytics is a core strength of IBM that enables companies to take advantage of all structured and unstructured data. Industry studies have metrics to prove that companies that utilize and apply business analytics out-perform their peers. Those with a broad-based, analytics-driven culture have increased profits, better employee experiences and a better use of data across the company.

Business analytics takes the next step of analyzing data and in return helping your company recognize subtle trends and patterns so you can anticipate and shape events and improve outcomes. Business Analytics allows you to drive more top-line profits while controlling costs. In addition, the analysis of data allows you to be proactive by identifying risks and establishing mitigation plans early in the process. There are many software firms that have strong analytics, however IBM business analytics enables your organization to apply analytics to decision-making in a very flexible mode. IBM has a very comprehensive portfolio of business analytics software that work in a unified fashion.  These solutions are based on open standards and can be used independently or part of a larger solution.

Data Intelligence - The Future of Big Data
The Future of Big Data

With some guidance, you can craft a data platform that is right for your organization’s needs and gets the most return from your data capital.

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* Companies can gain access into all types of information
* Team members are empowered to explore and interact with information and deliver insights to others
* Decision making is optimized using insights based on analytics
* Insights can be provided from historic reporting to real-time analysis to predictive modeling
* Business outcomes are improved along with managing risk

* Business intelligence – Harness the data explosion, meet your organization’s needs for flexible business intelligence deployment options and satisfy user expectations.
* Performance management – Guide management strategy in the most profitable directions with timely, reliable insights, scenario modeling and transparent and timely reporting.
* Predictive analytics – Discover patterns, behavior, relationships, associations and develop/deploy predictive models to optimize decision-making.
* Analytical decision management – Empower team members and systems to maximize every customer interaction and improve outcomes.
* Risk management – Make risk-aware decisions and meet regulatory requirements with smarter risk management programs and methodologies.
* Analytic applications – Provide line of business managers with actionable insights through packaged analysis and reporting solutions.

* IBM SPSS products – With IBM SPSS predictive analytics software, you can use statistical analysis, data and text mining, predictive modeling and decision optimization to anticipate change and take action to improve outcomes.
* IBM Cognos products – IBM Cognos business intelligence and performance management software provides you with the integrated dashboards, scorecards, reporting, analysis, and planning and budgeting capabilities you need to gain and act on fact-based insights.
* IBM OpenPages products – OpenPages GRC software allows your organization to manage enterprise operational risk and compliance initiatives using a single, integrated solution.
* IBM Algorithmics products – Algorithmics software helps businesses like yours to gain transparency into financial risks in advance, providing information that is vital.
* IBM TM1, Netezza, InfoSphere, Controller and Customer Insight – IBM has several solutions in the Business Analytics portfolio that can meet your needs.

A perfect candidate for Business Analytics is company that is challenged with the usability of the large volume of data captured on a daily.  A company that wants to maintain costs while reducing the amount of data spread throughout the organization. The use of IBM Business Analytics should be initiated by a company’s Line of Business and Technology organizations. Business Analytics has an impact on business processes, training, operations, technology, executive management and the data users. Know what’s in your data and your company can benefit greatly !!

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