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Google+ now available for the enterprise

Google announced that they are making Google+ available to companies that have Google Apps for Business through early next year.  I have written before about the potential value of  Google+ in the enterprise.  I personally know of companies that use Google Apps for Business and they champion about how it has changed how they work.  But before they never had a true social network.  That ends today when they get:

  • enterprise IM
  • enterprise email
  • document collaboration (like NO other platform does)


  • Video Conferencing and Chatting
  • Web Development
  • Social Analytics
  • Enterprise social search (hello?)
  • easy, simple to manage (IT need not apply)
  • moderate security
  • Social Calendar
  • Archiving and e-discovery
  • Google Drive for the Enterprise
  • Business Groups
  • Google Moderator (for social service)

All for a price that is pretty hard to beat.  Now, I am not being paid by Google but its a pretty compelling solution should you need this and not have huge security or compliance needs and are OK with limited customization.  SaaS social is very fast growing area and this is just mixing it up and fast (as SaaS should).  What do you  think?

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