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White paper and webinar series: Business Intelligence for Healthcare

Business intelligence as a concept is elusive in healthcare. While BI has caught up and advanced rapidly in other sectors it remains mostly uncharted territory for both physician practices and hospitals. The primary reason for this is lack of understanding of the benefits of BI and justification for taking the time to deploy and use BI as a strategic tool.

BI will help you better understand your business or organization by providing clarity using data necessary to make the right decisions at the right time. BI will help you identify broken processes and best practices. Your organization can use this knowledge to save costs, minimize problems, and improve healthcare – sometimes in dramatic ways.

Download our new whitepaper, “Business Intelligence Primer for Healthcare Professionals” to learn more about this topic.

Join us for two Perficient webinars to learn more about BI in the Healthcare industry. The first, “An Introduction to Business Intelligence for Healthcare,” will be be held August 30th at 12pm CDT and will introduce key BI concepts. The more advanced “Healthcare Business Intelligence for Power Users” will take place on September 13th at 12pm CDT.

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