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PowerDesigner Tips – Utility Scripts

Here’s a few utility scripts I’ve developed to aid in your XEM scripting:


Many functions, especially members of ExtensibleObject, require the “scope” or code of the XEM be included when referencing extended attributes, methods, collections, etc.  I’ve added these lines to the global script section as a helper:

' Extension navigation. All references to extended attributes and methods

'  must use the EXT() function when referencing the name

const EXTNAME = "PerficientStds"


Function EXT(iden)

   EXT = EXTNAME + "." + iden

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End Function

Whenever I reference an extended object, I use EXT(extCustomAttribute).


PowerDesigner has the concept of a “shortcut”, a reference to an object.  As you navigate the model, you’ll often find shortcuts where you expected objects and even shortcuts to shortcuts. Thus:

' Return the base object, dereferencing any shortcuts

Function TgtObj(obj)

   If Not IsObject(obj) Then Set TgtObj = Nothing : Exit Function

   Set TgtObj = obj

   While TgtObj.IsShortcut()

      Set TgtObj = TgtObj.TargetObject


End Function


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