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Adding Video to Your Site Improves Search Results

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Written by Scott Kush
We strive to be the thought leaders and bring new ideas to our clients and prospects. With that in mind, we recently partnered with Brightcove because of their video platform. According to Forrester, “Any given video in an index of searchable keywords has a 50 times better chance of appearing on the first page of results than any given text page.”
One project that we recently completed was implementing Brighcove with Znode for Virginia CLE®.  The team at Virginia CLE® re-edited 450 hours of archived video content to be uploaded to Brightcove’s Video Cloud. We designed the new online delivery platform using the APIs built in to the Brightcove solution. This allowed the videos to be integrated with their new storefront. Virginia CLE® saved money by no longer relying on a third-party video provider. Instead, they rely on their website to deliver a well-designed, easy-to-use experience for members.
In addition to being able to offer information and educational videos, there are some very unique features that allow commerce from within the video directly or via social media.
For example:


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