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Hard to Argue with Forbes When They State…

… that the “Key To Great Web Software Is A Consistent, Intuitive User Experience

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)  providers, according to last week’s Forbes article, will need to focus on the user’s experience across all products.
The author, Alexander Pasik, Ph.D., CIO for IEEE, points to Google’s cloud computer services as “providing best-in-class user experiences that are consistent across their offerings.” As Google has purchased new products, they have converted each into the Google look and feel, helping users to feel that they are using a Google product and giving them the ability to use their previous experiences across Google’s products.

According to Pasik the benefits a consistent, intuitive user experience brings are that:

  • User’s can apply their expertise to all of the other programs
  • There is an intuitive feel across each separate component.
  • The need for training on multiple applications is eliminated
  • Single login eliminates the inconvenience of having to remember multiple user names and passwords

Pasik also thinks about the the long-term benefit of making a great user experience in this article and says that:

“Satisfied end users tend to please those who are paying the bills, which, in turn, is likely to prompt other potential clients to prefer that solution. If, however, employees are dissatisfied, there’s going to be little incentive for the client to continue with – let alone recommend — a troublesome vendor.”

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