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The Mobile Technology Acronyms that Matter

Written by Al Thompson
Like many newer technologies, often the conversations about mobile revolve around technical terms and speeds and feeds. What would technology be without funky terms and acronyms: Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Siri, 3G, 4G, WiMax, LTE, Purple 2 (the code word for the original iPhone), Native, Hybrid, accelerometer and more.
Mobile is all about software and commerce, and relevant software and commerce should be all about business impact. Mobile for business (either Internal business applications – targeting a company’s workforce and internal business processes or External applications – extending to business partners, customers and consumers) should focus on the acronyms that matter – some of which are:

  • NNR – Net New Revenue
  • AOV – Average Order Value
  • CR – Conversion Ratio
  • ACUSA – Average Cross/Up Sells Added
  • OPCPY – Orders Per Customer Per Year

What is your MIQ? – Most Important Quadrant
Business impact can be prioritized via stakeholder collaboration. One framework is to identify and categorize initiatives with a portfolio management framework such as this:


The quadrants within the diagram above should be moved around and expanded upon based upon business prioritization. “Top Right” might be different for your organization.
R U mostly about feeds and speeds ….. or R we talking business?

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