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Iterative BI + Gradle Tips and Tricks – Plugins

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Use Gradle plugins to package up functionality for easy reuse.  For example, we developed a simple “database” plugin to handle the common tasks associated with building and upgrading a database.  Things like:

  • build – create a new database from scratch. Runs the CREATE DATABASE and sqlcmd’s the full DDL
  • upgrade – checks the current version, looks for (and generates from the model if needed) and upgrade script, and runs it.
  • clean – DROP DATABASE – get ready for something new.
  • load – part of “build”, load static initial data from CSV files into the newly created database structure.

Now, all we do to enable a database in our environment is add a build.gradle file to the database directory (with ddl/, sp/, and data/ subdirectories) with:

apply plugin: 'Database'

Away we go!

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