What's New in SharePoint 2013? Let's ask the experts...
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What’s New in SharePoint 2013? Let’s ask the experts…

SharePoint 2013 (or “Wave 15” as we unabashed Microsoft fanboys have been calling it) has been in public beta for a little over two weeks now, and we’re starting to see some more discussion of new features and functions around the web.  Our own Microsoft blog is no exception.
A number of our customers have been involved in the TAP for SharePoint 2013 all along, and they’ve graciously allowed us to work with them in exploring the new technology and developing exciting new solutions since well before the public beta became available.
You might already have noticed that several of our consultants are sharing the deep knowledge they’ve built up in delving into these and other topics since early this year, but just in case you haven’t, I thought I’d call your attention to some of the “best of the blog” that we’ve published so far.

What have we got for you?  Try this on for size….
Amol Ajgaonkar has gone deep into a number of topics around Web Content Management that would be of interest to anyone looking at SharePoint as a platform for an intranet or internet sites.

Amol’s posts are not only well-detailed and easy to follow from a learning perspective, but they are chock-full of screen clippings and clear illustrations of what following his instructions actually looks like.
Andrew Schwenker tackles another topic of significant interest to anyone using SharePoint as the basis for their internet platform—claims.  You can’t keep all those users in Active Directory, after all!  In both an introductory post (“What Can Claims do for You?”) and a more detailed justification (“Your New Best Friend”), Andrew explains why claims-based authentication just might be the security solution for you.
We’ve also seen Will Tseng get into the game with a quick take on creating a managed property in SharePoint 2013 Search.  I’m very interested in seeing more from Will on Search, and getting a better feel for how Microsoft has further integrated the FAST product into SharePoint as a whole.
I’m sure there will be more where these came from, and soon.  Until then—stay tuned!

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