Job Rotation

When a project is running for multiple years, you may find people are not that passionate and initiative somehow. What’s going on? What can we do to motivate people and improve the productivity?  The answers to this question will vary, people may think about involving awarding program, increasing their authority, etc.  Those suggestions may be helpful for somebody, but may not be helpful to everybody in team. Then let’s think about job rotation.

When talking about job rotation, firstly we shall consider the positive effects and negative effects for the specific project.  There are different reasons for a project to utilize job rotation, like developing team’s wide skill range, being more familiar with business among team ,increasing teams capacity ,detecting  errors and frauds projects may hide, all those can help the project run more efficiently and productively , as a result, project can keep stable and  go smoothly  even we may lose someone someday unexpectedly.

Regarding to the negative effects we may have, remember that there could be a temporary decrease in productivity and disruption of workflow, as there will a learning curve. As we evaluate this is a valuable investment instead of a cost, we may can overcome these negative impacts and try to smooth the processing of rotation.

The first step we can have for rotation can be starting from best performers who may have a long term career path within your organization. As time and resources are limited, firstly, we can see how the rotation works for the most valuable members, then after a period of time, we can enlarge the rotation plan and make all team members comfortable, and project developing well and long.

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