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Oracle Buys Vitrue, a Social Marketing and Engagement Platform

Oracle announced in May 2012 that they had entered into an agreement to buy Vitrue our of Atlanta, Georgia.  Vitrue is a cloud-based Social Marketing and Engagement Platform that “enables marketers to centrally create, publish, moderate, manage, measure, and report on all their activities on social media platforms—including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+.”  At the end of June, Oracle announced that the deal had closed, so Oracle recently announced newer details about Vitrue, including the fact that Vitrue manages over 1.3 Billion Social Interactions Across More Than 500 Brands

The combination of Oracle and Vitrue should help in the following areas:

Social Marketing

  • Enable scalable content and community management
  • Measure and optimize engagement with social audiences across multiple social networks

Social Selling

  • Identify influencers or prospective buyers with social data
  • Capture leads to give sales people highly targeted prospects

Social Commerce

  • Leverage opt-in social profiles to present personalized recommendations,discounts and purchases
  • Across multiple touch-points and interaction channels

Social Service

  • Provide listening and monitoring tools
  • Track and respond in real time to customer service requests on social networks

Social Intelligence

  • Measure and provide cross-channel conversion tracking data
  • Prioritize social data collection to measure performance
  • Build social analytics that mirror business goals for standard reporting and efficient ad-hoc reports

Oracle’s announcement was careful to state that Oracle is working on the roadmap for Vitrue products, so we’ll be sure to see more announcements in this area in the future.

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