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How to popup applet in the browser script

When you click a button on the applet, and want it pop up an applet so that we can choose some value in that pop up applet.
we can create three control user properties for that button:
■ Popup. Set to the applet you want to appear. This applet must use a class derived from
■ Mode. Optional. Mode of the applet, either Base or Edit. If not specified, the default is Base.
■ Popup Dimension. Optional. Dimension of the pop-up window. The format is Height X
Width, for example 500 X 800. If not specified, the dimensions will default to the value
specified in the applet’s HTML Popup Dimension property. If that is not specified, the pop-up
window dimensions will default to 600 X 600.

But some times we want to do some pre query for example or some other operation before the applet being popped up, in that case, we need to write code to pop up the applet. We can use browser script to pop up the applet.

SWEView is the current view
SWEApplet is the current applet
SWETA is the applet which you need to popped up

function Applet_PreInvokeMethod (name, inputPropSet)
//alert(“Browser script!”);
if(name == “HSYPopup”)
var psIn2 = theApplication().NewPropertySet();
var psOut2 = theApplication().NewPropertySet();
psIn2.SetProperty(“SWEView”,”Account List View”) ;
psIn2.SetProperty(“SWEApplet”,”SIS Account List Applet”) ;
psIn2.SetProperty(“SWETA”,”HSY Corporate Promotion Target
Accounts Popup Applet”);
psOut2 = this.InvokeMethod(“ShowPopup”,psIn2);
return (“CancelOperation”);

return (“ContinueOperation”);

Thoughts on “How to popup applet in the browser script”

  1. I use the same script in browserscript ,but it can be popup in IE6.0 ,for IE8.0 ,the popup applet will display as a blank applet.
    Do you know what about this?
    thanks very much.

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