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Deep Dive Part 1: Image Renditions ( SharePoint 2013 )

My last post introduced Image Renditions and how to setup and use them. This post will dive a little deeper in the inner working of the feature.
Storage and Maintenance
Creating a image rendition definition:
Click on Site Settings->Image Renditions. You will see all the existing (if any) renditions that have been defined.
Initial impression after looking at the above screenshot is that this information must be stored in a hidden list in the site somewhere. But that is not the case here. The renditions are stored in a xml file in the master page gallery.
File Name: PublishingImageRenditions.xml
The structure of the xml file looks like this.
If you notice, it keeps the next available ID to use here. If you edit an existing rendition and save it, the version element of that rendition in the xml will have its value incremented and also a new version of the file itself will be created.
My next post will describe how this file is used and what goes on behind the scenes when you apply a rendition to an image.
Click here for Part 2.

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