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Is Financial Reporting Automation for Dummies?

Recent studies have shown that a high correlation exists between an organization’s ability to create timely and accurate financial reporting and analysis and the increased performance of that company. But why?

If you think about it, it makes sense. Companies that embrace automating finance processes can redirect their finance resources to perform more value-add analysis, which provides insights and action items and leads to better decision making and ultimately better performance. The fact is organizations that excel at finance efficiency outperform others that don’t.

Data Intelligence - The Future of Big Data
The Future of Big Data

With some guidance, you can craft a data platform that is right for your organization’s needs and gets the most return from your data capital.

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Organizations that can automate the collection, consolidation, and reporting of financial information provide a vital engine for growth in a high-performing organization. Financial reporting automation platforms provide tremendous value to organizations by facilitating the sharing of critical information, automating manual reporting steps, enhancing analysis to make better decisions, and preventing material mistakes in external reports against pressing deadlines.

For a limited time Perficient is making the eBook “Finance Reporting Automation for Dummies” available for download. The eBook details how you can automate internal & external reporting processes; eliminate risks of errors in managerial and performance reporting; and combine financial data with analysis and commentary.

The Financial Reporting Automation eBook details how you can:

  • Deploy an automated solution for internal and external reporting and reduce cycle times, costs and risks associated with late submissions, non-compliance and errors.
  • Produce highly formatted documents with the appropriate commentaries and supplementary notes.
  • Utilize information to create internal and external reports such as monthly board packs, annual reports and accounts, Prelims, Interims
  • Convey financial information in a variety of formats
  • Enhance controls, audit reporting and visibility into the internal reporting process

You can download the eBook here.

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