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#HIT100 – My Top 10

The #HIT100 is a crowd sourced list of the most influential people in healthcare IT social media, as defined by the community. The list was initially the brainchild of Michael Planchart, also known as @TheEHRGuy on Twitter. Michael explains the resoning behind the list and the nomination process here. Nominations for the #HIT100 list are currently open. Michael crowdsourced the initial list last year. This blog post was inspired by a Facebook discussion with Michael on the #HIT100 top 10 – the power of Social Media in play! For the purpose of this post I’m excluding Perficient colleagues. From Michael’s post

The rules this year are simple

1. The nomination is a simple tweet that should be written as follows: “I nominate @tweet_handle to the #HIT100 list. #HealthIT #HITsm” (omit the quotes in the tweet)

2. Only one twitter handle may be nominated in one tweet

3. Simple RTs will be counted but “thank you” or “TY” RTs will not nor will RTs of RTs, so keep it simple

4. The first round will be for the first top 250 nominees and this round will last 7 days or until the stream slows down

5. From the first round the top 100 nominees will be listed on the #HIT100 list

6. The second round will be executed the same way but only those that showed up in the #HIT100 list can be nominated

7. The second round count will narrow down to the first 5 of the #HIT100 list. These 5 are this years champs!

8. Last but not least, you must have lots of fun!

In no particular order here are my Top 10 HealthIT influencers. This is a personal list and these are the people who influence me, those that I look to for answers and for information. I’ve come to know many of these people over the years, and several of them have graciously spoken to me on camera at HIMSS events.

Brian Ahier: Back in July 2009 Brian was essentially the first person to define the Health IT Social Media Community with his ’50 Must Follow Health 20 Heroes on Twitter post’. The post initiated quite a bit of discussion and continued to grow as people suggested additions to the list. Many of these people still participate in the HealthIT & #HITsm communities. Brian has become a key Thought Leader in the Health IT space, his blog contains a wealth of information on Healthcare, Technology & legislative impact.



Regina Holliday: Regina is a powerhouse Patient Advocate. She is a frequent speaker on the importance of data access and patient centered care. Though her art, Regina has used her story and others to create the Walking Gallery, a roaming exhibit of patient stories that highlight why patients must be at the center of care and why timely data access is critical. Regina’s blog and the Walking Gallergy highlight the human side of Healthcare and why Healthcare IT is so important. Regina is now driving Partnership with Patients, and when Regina sets her mind to something, she makes it happen.



e-Patient Dave: Dave deBronkart’s book Laugh, Sing, and Eat Like a Pig: How an Empowered Patient Beat Stage IV Cancer (And What Healthcare Can Learn from It) really opened my eyes to the importance of patient advocacy and patient data access and availability. Dave is a wonderful patient advocate and his commitment to sharing the lessons learned from his survivor story are inspiring.


Jane Sarasohn-Kahn: I first came across Jane when she was the sole woman on the HIMSS Social Media panel 3 years ago. HIMSS Social Media presentations better reflect the number of smart women in the HealthIT Social Media realm these days but Jane still stand out. Her blog HealthPopuli presents insight and analysis of key topics and I aways feel I come away more knowledgeable from having spent time there.




Dr Bill Crounse: Dr Crounse explores thes impact of technology on Healthcare, Microsoft related and beyond on his blog and his online video series Health Tech Today. Dr Crounse often highlights solutions leveraging everyday Microsoft technologies in a healthcare environment. Driving down cost and increasing productivity. He’s accessible and always willing to share insight on the topic at hand.



Janice McCallum: Janice is another smart Health IT lady who can take complex ideas and simplify them so they can be easily understood. Her blog provides a wealth of information on current topics of interest.


The HL7Standards Bloggers: The HL7Standards blog maintained by CorePoint Health does an excelent job of bringing diverse viewpoints and bloggers together sharing insight on key trends. The blogging team including Chad Johnson, Leonard Kish, Angela Dunn, Jennifer Thew, Jon Mertz and more are on point, bringing fresh perspectives on a regular basis.



Marie-Michelle Strah: Michelle sits at the intersection of two of the communities I participate in, Healthcare and SharePoint. A veteran with a PhD her blog captures issues related to women in technology, leadership, healthcare and veterans affairs.


John Moore: John Moore from Chilmark Research provides insight, analysis and predictions on key topics on his blog. John and team’s insight and analysis is always an interesting read.




Sherry Reynolds: Sherry is a participatory healthcare advocate who always has interesting insight into current legislation and the future direction of Health IT in addition to the practical application of Health IT concepts. An advocate for the voice of the patient and active Twitter user.




There are many more people that round out the HealthIT community that I see as key influencers. When I have questions, or seek out knowledge these are the people whose blogs I go to first, or who I reach out to for answers. Who are your ‘go to’ Top 10? Who will you nominate for the #HIT100?



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