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One Good Way to Promote Your Site Redesign

Erin Moloney flipped this to me via Healthcare Communication.  I’ve embedded the video and some text from the original post.  I’ll give my two cents afterward.


How do you excite hospital employees about an intranet redesign? Dartmouth-Hitchcock Center found a clever way. The center created a quirky video that follows the manager of its Web team as he spreads the word about the intranet throughout the hospital. His clever language (In the eye doctor’s office, he says, “We’ve set our sights on the intranet.”), his humorous testing of three employees’ use of the old intranet (and their subsequent breakdowns), and his spiffy hat make this an entertaining video.


So here’s what I really like about what he’s done. (besides the nice comments the Healthcarecommunication folks already noted:

  1. He’s promoting the intranet redesign and getting their interest
  2. He’s soliciting feedback via a survey that everyone can access
  3. He plans on doing objective user tests.  An objective test tries to get the user to complete a task like searching for a specific form rather than asking their opinion.
  4. The humor is great.  We all know too many intranets leave something to be desired.  He does a great job making light of some deficiencies of the intranet while telling them that over the next little while it will get better.
  5. He sets the expectation that it will take a couple years to complete this effort.  I love that he’s already telling them it’s complicated.


So yes, take a look at the video if you haven’t already done so.

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