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Axure, an interactive prototyping tool, allows you to publish prototypes online at AxShare. I tried it out today and overall, it is a nice tool and provides a quick, simple way to share clickable prototypes with others. Axure Software Solutions AxShare isn’t a new tool – Molly Malsam had mentioned it in as a “Collaboration Tools I Wouldn’t Want to Live Without” last year – but I found out about it today in an email from Axure.

How does it work?

I uploaded my Axure file (.rp) to their system and it gave me an option to include a password (I did). Once that was uploaded, I shared the provided link to the prototype.
I found out the hard way that the password is case sensitive, so I will need to remember to share that information with my team.
For those of you with larger prototypes, AxShare still displays the left navigation bar. This is extremely helpful for quick page changes (a current project of mine has over 60 screens).  Molly had mentioned wanting to see commenting capabilities and they have added a Discuss area (also in the left bar).


There are benefits for me, and my teammates and clients will reap substantial benefits. I will have the ability to conduct usability tests on any machine that has an internet connection. I will also be able to receive comments and discuss the prototypes in context with the on-page features in the left bar.
My teammates and clients no longer need to download large files, or have to decipher my directions on how to open and view the prototype. However, there is a possibility that some will have limited access to the AxShare site due to security settings.
As I said, AxShare is a great new option to add to my UX toolbox and I look forward to using it.

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