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Dynamics CRM Cross-browser Support…It is getting exciting.

Last month I told you about the features Microsoft Dynamics CRM is rolling out as part of the “CRM Q2 2012 Service Update” which will include massive improvements and capabilities around mobility and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  As most of you have heard by now, Microsoft has just announced its newest mobility device the “Surface”, which is a tablet, iPad like, reader like, device that will be available in Microsoft Stores later this year.  There is a great article on the Surface device on ZDNet by Ed Bott  that covers a lot of the questions people like me who haven’t physically got to put my hands on one are asking.  I do have several colleagues at Microsoft that have had the opportunity to try it and all of them have told me to get rid of my iPad because the Surface is simply “aaawwweesomme”!   Well that is fine and good for me because I use my iPad for email, book reading, and consumer type activities, but what about if you are a VP of Sales and you just rolled out iPad or Android Slates to your sales staff or service staff.  Well, the CRM Q2 2012 Service Update has you covered due to the cross-platform support.  Most major platforms will be supported, so rest assured, your investment wasn’t just wasted. 
This leads me to my next topic that I get asked a ton…does Microsoft Dynamics support any other browsers other than Internet Explorer.  Guess what folks, the CRM Q2 2012 Service Update will include cross browser support!!!!  Yes, I hear all of my Google Chrome fans screaming for joy.  I really am optimistic about actually loading another browser on my laptop now that Dynamics CRM will work with it.  I have resisted until now, because to me it was just overhead, but my college aged daughter came home from school a few weeks ago and loaded it on my wife’s laptop and I have to say, Chrome was nice.  I found it integrated really well with outside content without some of the quirks that I see in IE.  I really can’t wait for the service pack to be released so I can use Dynamics CRM in other browsers and put it through its paces!

Cross browser support includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari running on PC, Apple Macintosh or iPad. The list of devices and specific browser versions that will be supported is as follows:Platform
Windows 7/Vista/XP Version 7+ Version 6+ Version 13+ Not Supported
Apple Macintosh OS-X Not Supported Version 6+ Not Supported Version 5.1.1+
iPad 2 (iOS 5.x) Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported Version 5.1.1+

As always, thanks for reading and look forward to more information once the Service Pack is released.

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