Introducing .NET Integration in WMB v8

The Websphere Message Broker (WMB) v8 provides patterns based development that helps create easy to build solutions like Webservice facades, file to queue etc. In addition, it also includes ability to create and share user patterns.  The WMB v8 provides a new .NET pattern for service facades to quickly create web service from assembly, create message flows, generate WSDL for external system. The pattern can be easily extended to integrate with other systems.

A new node (.NETCompute) is introduced in WMB v8 to invoke native .NET programs and give .NET developers access to interact with Message Broker’s logical tree. The .NETCompute node is very similar to Compute and JavaCompute nodes in that messages can be filtered, modified and transformed using code written in C#. This node can be used to construct output messages that interact with Microsoft .NET framework or Component Object Model (COM) applications. The .NETCompute node can call .NET programs directly or C#,  VB.NET(COM), Jscript that are available natively.  It supports extensive range of .NET data types for easy integration.  Alternatively.NET programs can be invoked from Message Broker nodes. The Toolkit can introspect .NET assemblies to dynamically discover available methods and use ESQL to directly invoke.NET programs using simple procedure call.

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The toolkit also provides integrated Visual Studio development. .NET nodes can be created in Visual Studio and native Message Broker assemblies simplifies this process.  The Visual Studio compiled resources are available without redeploy as the Broker .NET watcher loads App Domain with most recent Assembly.

The .NET codes runs inside an execution group. The new .NETCompute node routes or transforms messages using any Common Language Runtime (CLR) examples are: C#, Visual Basic (VB), C++/Common Language Infrastructure (CLI).

Websphere Message Broker version 8 provides many more new enhancements many customers wished for right from its initial releases.  Stay tuned for more highlights on these features!.

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