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IBM CEO Study: Leading Through Connections

Every two years for the last decade, IBM has sat down with CEOs and discussed different industry perspectives on emerging trends. This year’s feedback from over 1,700 CEOs was heavily focused on what is becoming an “overflow” of data and information. This has been a byproduct of the great advances in social media, collaboration tools, big data and fast analytics. So, what changes can be made to better integrate these emerging technologies into the business? IBM believes the opportunity is to rethink the connections companies have with customers, between employees and across businesses. The resulting report is organized into three areas of focus:

Data Intelligence - The Future of Big Data
The Future of Big Data

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Here are some takeaways I found with each area:

  • Empowering Employees Through Values: Open up the business so individual knowledge of each respective role is available and leveraged. While this is made available through technology with collaboration tools or even physical change to office design, it is only fully-functioning when there is a cultural shift that embraces open collaboration from the bottom and supports it from the top.
  • Engaging Customers as Individuals: Emerging big data and analytics tools are providing more data, at a finer detail and are more timely. However, how are you reacting to the information collected? Driving insight from the data into actionable steps will allow businesses to engage customers as they expect to be engaged: accurately and immediately.
  • Amplifying Innovation with Partnerships: Industries are evolving at high rates and are full of disruption. To keep up with this, businesses will need to work together to stay ahead of the curve. Company leaders are becoming aware that by not working with others, they will be left behind while collaborators take the lead.

Overall, this study provides some great insight into the minds of CEOs today. For a colorful and concise overview of the study Click Here.

If you would like to read the complete study, Click Here or Use the QR code below: (You will need to sign up)

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