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Platform Targeting – It’s Easy and It Works

Enlighten was acquired by Perficient Digital in December 2015
Enlighten (now Perficient Digital) developed and launched a fabulous iPad app in February and accompanied the launch with several kinds of media, including publicity on the client’s main brand website and various kinds of paid and unpaid media, and press releases and so on.  Downloads of the app were good.
But our analytics report indicated there were, every day, thousands of iPad visitors to our client’s brand website who apparently didn’t notice the publicity about the iPad app. (We say “didn’t notice” because if they had noticed, they would have downloaded this great app right away, of course!) So we adapted the site to detect whether a visitor was using an iPad, and then to display the publicity page to those visitors, as a whole-page lightbox overlay.
Downloads for the app skyrocketed from the moment that functionality went live.  It took a little over six days to get as many new downloads as in the previous three and a half weeks. Especially rewarding for our client was that the platform-exclusive page cost very little money – just some code to detect the visitor’s platform, plus a conversion of the original artwork to a lightbox.
Here’s a graph that shows the shape of the extraordinary jump in daily downloads, for your delectation:


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