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“PayPal Here,” a credit card solution for SMBs, like Square

Ever had a problem accepting credit card at an on-site job? or Credit Card Merchants over-charging in interest/equipment?
As an on-site computer engineer for several years around the year 2006, the only method of payment I could accept was cash or check. This was very inconvenient as I might have lost some clients due to the lack of accepting credit/debit card payments. A system was put in place by my employer while working as a field technician –  I had to use the credit card carbon copy slip to accept plastic payments. This ancient way of making copies was futile let alone time-consuming.
Paypal Here might be the solution to the credit card issue one faces as a field technician or a small business (SMB) that cannot afford the over-priced merchant services.
Paypal Here: How it works!

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Irfaan Bhimji

As a Senior Business Consultant, Mr. Bhimji has worked extensively to utilize various technologies to develop and customize complete end-to-end e-commerce site implementations using complex platforms such as WebSphere Commerce, Cybersource, IBM Tealeaf, IBM Coremetrics and Magento Commerce Enterprise. His recent projects include customizing e-commerce sites by implementing a full range of features from back end business logic customizations to front end presentation layer customizations. Mr. Bhimji has worked as the QA Testing Lead and led initiatives to perform Functional, Unit, System Integration, Performance and Cross Platform testing. He is also responsible for creating test plans, write test cases, develop testing strategies and lead testing teams based on specific business requirements. He applies engineering Subject Matter Expertise and advanced test concepts to detect defects and faults in the applications under test. Mr.Bhimji also has a proven track record as an effective team leader for leading business units to design and develop ‘custom solutions’ to help achieve client goals. He has led projects through several key design phases such as requirements gathering, conceptual design, detailed design, testing, prototyping and deployment that are built on various technologies.

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