IBM Smarter Commerce – Stronger – Faster – Better !

eCommerce solutions are all the rage as businesses and clients are moving to easier ways of purchasing products. IBM Smarter Commerce stands above the rest with its features and functions:

– Automation of transactions across various partners and suppliers
– Optimization of your marketing programs to reach a wider audience and target customers
– Provide a seamless customer buying experience across channels
– Improve customer service decision-making with pertinent and valuable information
– Faster execution of order quoting and pricing

IBM Smarter Commerce is a very robust platform that can fit well into any organization. Independent of a company’s preference for platform, this IBM solution can work across various software platforms and enhance your commerce capabilities. There are 4 main pillars to a commerce solution – Buy, Market, Sell and Services. The IBM Smarter Commerce solutions maximizes all 4 by allowing you to source, control and procure goods and services. You can target and personalize your markets and customer interactions. There is a faster path to selling and fulfilling orders across all channels.  Finally servicing your customer needs are easier and will result in higher client satisfaction.

Within each of these key components – Buy, Market, Sell, Service….there are several tools that are used to enhance each process and provide more value to your customers. Below are only a few of the tools offered by IBM Smarter Commerce.

• Supplier integration and management
• Supply chain management
• Payments and settlements

• Cross channel campaign management
• Digital marketing optimization
• Marketing resource management

• Cross-channel selling
• Distributed order management
• Fulfillment

• Delivery, service and scheduling
• Customer self-service
• Case management

IBM Smarter Commerce can be used in any industry and currently has the presence in Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecom, Retail/Products, Transportation, Public Sector and many more.

If your company is looking for an industry leading, robust and sustainable commerce platform – IBM Smarter Commerce is a solution that will raise your company’s offering to a top-tier level.

Try It and you’ll Like It !!

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