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Healthcare Specific Information Systems

What would healthcare services delivery gain by developing, integrating, and implementing an intricate and complex structural information systems language unique to healthcare? The impending and ever-evolving updates to healthcare regulations and delivery present an opportunity to assess communication standards and information exchange. Similar to existing programming languages, healthcare and information technology professionals can begin to contemplate the benefits of a programming language that would normalize the exchange, storage and reporting of healthcare data. This would range from core data variations to the correlation of definitions and systems requirements.

The Process of Healthcare Information Systems

The process would leverage existing information systems processing and language, with subsequent modifications that are specific to the formatting of healthcare systems. Similar to the commonality in the information exchange of the ICD coding system, a healthcare information systems language would enable a streamlined exchange of disease and procedural classifications across numerous healthcare information processing platforms. The key benefits would include enabling code-specific mapping to healthcare terminology and definitions. Information systems that center around healthcare delivery can be configured to be standard or customized as per organizational specifications.

Healthcare Information Systems – A Consolidated Diversity

A consolidated information system would enable providers and payers to categorize and streamline data processing by provider and disease specific requirements. A consolidated information programming language that addresses disease specific manifestation would present opportunities for active cooperation among provider and payer organizations to facilitate a cyclical processing of information regarding patient treatment. Clinical operations can begin a gradual process of integrating disease specific information systems to enhance overall quality and performance of healthcare delivery.

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