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A Sitecore Book? A Sitecore Book!!!

Yesterday I pre-ordered my copy of Professional Sitecore Development, a book being written by John West, and releasing on May 22, 2012.  I have to say, I couldn’t be more excited to receive it in the mail.  As an experienced .NET and Sitecore developer, I can safely say – you never know everything, and probably never will know everything.  It’s always great to have another source of information to help you troubleshoot an issue, or understand a tool, or just get a tip on how to do something more efficiently.  The moment a developer stops learning, or being interested in learning is probably the exact moment that developer starts to lose effectiveness in his job.  I currently use the SDN forums, as well as a number of Sitecore blogs (both official and unofficial), and of course just generic Google searches, as my sources of information when I need a quick boost of Sitecore knowledge.  Each of those sources has its strengths and weakness, and I think adding a book as another source is just going to strengthen the entire knowledge base available to both the developers and the users of Sitecore.  I also have to admit, that even though Sitecore has some major companies using it, has been around for a number of years, and is a leader in the WCM markets (per official studies like the Gartner Magic Quadrant) – that having a hard cover book officially “legitimizes” it as an area of focus.  As a developer who is indeed focused on Sitecore implementations right now, I’m excited for the publicity that this book will bring, and the new companies that will decide to adopt what truly is a great tool.

May 22nd, I am now counting the days til you’re here and I can start diving into Chapter 1!  (And yes, I’m sure I will be blogging my thoughts as I make my way through the book!)

Thoughts on “A Sitecore Book? A Sitecore Book!!!”

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Jamie Stump

My name is Jamie Stump, and I am a Senior Sitecore Consultant at Perficient. I was honored to be named one of only 42 2013 Sitecore MVP’s worldwide. I specialize in Sitecore Architecture and Development and my broad Sitecore experience includes Sitecore installation, configuration and CEP development, including custom DMS implementations for clients. I have implemented Sitecore solutions for a number of industry verticals including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, advertising and retail. In addition to architecting and implementing Sitecore sites and eCommerce solutions, I also work with other Microsoft Technologies, including the .NET platform and SQL Server. You can read through my older Sitecore related blog posts here and my newer ones here. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Development from York College of PA. I am originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, and still reside there with my wife, son, English bulldog and 2 cats.

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