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ACO – A Brave New Enterprise: Are you ready?

Racing towards an ACO and Population Management this year is a huge challenge. A new enterprise platform is a must for an ACO to coordinate the changing of Provider and Payer processes and behavior not to mention the Shared Savings contracts which require new measurements and reporting: a shared dashboard. Check out Martin Sizemore’s take and solution for this Brave New Enterprise. Also, how are you going to leverage Cloud Technology?

During my years in consulting I have had the opportunity to work at a large local telecommunications carrier who wanted to get into long distance; thus, they had to open up their systems and serve competitive local exchange carriers. Just 15 years ago the telecommunications industry faced a Brave New Enterprise. Just as a local carrier had to go through third-party review and regulatory oversight, we now have a similar situation facing the ACOs.

The partners of the ACO need to start now on formal Enterprise User Group. Yes, we are talking establishing weekly status meetings with all parties and a formal change request management process for the ACO.

What if multiple Providers want to change the flow and/or data extraction from/to the Brave New Enterprise? This should be discussed by all users of the enterprise and prioritized in the appropriate release.

Changes will need to be fast and the ACO will need to follow an Agile w/iRise BPM.

Do you find it exciting to think of the Brave New Enterprise without the chains of a traditional SDLC? Think of the mobile applications that can be put in place. This white paper can help you to learn more.

The ACO BPM needs to be established.

Change requests will not be for just the Brave New Enterprise system, but will include process as well. Think big. The Telecom industry had to do so and it took years and lots of lessons learned. Avoid repeating the same mistakes since we do not have the time to re-invent the wheel. Leverage whatever you can. For example, Lesson Learned: Start sooner rather than later….build with anticipation to manage changes to processes and systems in a formal consensus building environment.

What are your lessons learned from building and managing a Brave New Enterprise with parties that have to transition to a Brave New Relationship? Do you have other industry comparisons to the Healthcare industry of today?

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