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Member-Centric Care: Have we over turned every rock?

In my previous posts about the Member-Centric Care team, I posed several questions and gave my opinions to support them. Here is a review of what was discussed, as well as new thoughts:

  • Have we over turned every rock (e.g., process, operation, and IT enablement) to allow for member-centric care?
  • Let us assume that you have gone as far up stream in BPM…all the way to Marketing/Sales and Insurance Brokers/Agents, then Yesyou have overturned every rock for the Payer and Provider to collaborate.
    • Health Insurance Agents are the first individuals to touch a potential new employer and member and support existing employers and members.
    • Health Insurance Agents are paid through commissions to educate their clients for Consumer-Driven Health Care and Member-Centric Care.
    • Health Insurance Agents have a responsibility regarding plan, eligibility & benefits, and assisting with claims.

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