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Social media marketing is at an all time high with Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn and now Pinterest.  I was not surprised to see that Pinterest “traffic” has increased by 145% since their  launch in 2008.  The demographic is primarily women “pinning” and “re-pinning” their dream wedding, decorating the perfect home and dressing children that they may not have.  I can say that I particpate in this hype and have seen that I have read more blogs that I would have never come across without this tool.   I began to think how can we tap into this market? How can our “pin” stand out and increase the curiosity to “re-pin”?
I was not surprised at the demographics I read about Pinterest:

  • Over 80 percent of pins are actually re-pins rather than brand new content
  • Pinterest user growth is better than that of Facebook and Twitter at the same point in their history
  • As expected, 80 percent of Pinterest’s user base is female
  • Brands are leveraging Pinterest — Better Homes & Gardens has 25,000+ followers on Pinterest, compared to 21,000 on Twitter

What can we do to leverage this new social media marketing tool?  any thoughts?

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