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Gartner PCC – Business Gets Social

This afternoon Carol Rozwell presented a session titled The Social Scenario: Business gets Social.  In this session, she points out the drivers behind social media and described scenario planning as a tool to develop a social strategy.

I thought her most interesting points were in  in how to go about setting your strategy for Social Media.  She offered the following points.

First understand that social is not the endgame.  You should look first at your business goals and objectives and then fit social into those goals.  In other words, don’t go buy software first!

Second, you need to establish a strategic roadmap that takes into account what your organization is capable of accomplishing over a specific timeframe.

Next, you should employ a comprehensive social planning framework that incorporates the following areas:

  • Start with Vision, then develop Strategy
  • Understand Constituency Experience
  • Account for organization change and collaboration
  • Build processes
  • Provide information and analytics
  • Implement supporting technology

Next, you need to evolve your social media efforts beyond a broadcast mode.  In the following list, most companies are only looking at the first three items.  Those are import phases, no doubt.  The final two steps need to be taken to become a true social business.

  • Monitor – In this most basic level of engagement, the organization will simply listen to the conversations happening around it.
  • Discover – In the second level of engagement, the organization analyzes the conversations it is monitoring – with the intention of gaining insight and discovering patterns.
  • Share – In the third level of engagement, the organization begins to share its perspective.
  • Participate – In the fourth level of engagement, the organization begins to interact with the audience.
  • Co-create – In the fifth level of engagement, the organization is actively involved with the audience on an ongoing basis.

Finally, don’t forget governance!  There are various governance models that can be applied and you need to find a model that works best for your organization.

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