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Gartner PCC – Using Generation 7 Portals to Engage Customers

Jim Murphy and Ray Valdes are presenting on the topic of Generation 7 Portals.  Portals have been around since 1998 and have evolved over 7 generations according to Jim.  Gen 7 Portals include the following features, which have been built on the previous generations:

  • Analytics
  • Portal-less Portals
  • Context aware
  • Portal ubiquity
  • Emerging UXP
  • Widgets dominate
  • Mobile dominates

Both speakers dove into the demand drivers for Gen 7 Portals and include the following concepts:

  • Context aware computing
    • Context will be as influential to mobile consumer services and relationships as search engines are to the web
    • Includes identity, community, intent, environment contexts
    • This is personalization on steroids.
  • Common optimization processes
    • Multivariate testing
    • Profiling and segmenation
    • Personalized content management
    • Advertising
    • Visit Remarkting
    • Cross channel integration
  • High level of social analysis
  • Public APIs and Widgets
  • Responsive Web design and implementation

Jim and Ray hit on a key topic that I am interested in and in which I receive lots of questions from our customers:  When to use a portal versus a web content management system versus and ecommerce system?

Unfortunately, there is not a clean, clear-cut answer to this question.  We do a lot of strategic analysis to help customers answer this question because the answer depends on each customer’s unique needs.  Gartner’s advice is that you should invest in a single foundation and compliment it where necessary.  Few companies should invest in more than one foundation. Most companies should buy a platform rather than try to build it themselves.

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