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Gartner PCC – User Experience Platform Update

Gene Phifer spoke about the trends in what Gartner calls the User Experience Platform (UXP).  The big change from last year appears to be a split in the emerging UXP market into Suite vendors and Lean vendors.
Gartner sees many vendors, such as IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle expanding more and more into the Suite side of the market.  There are also emerging vendors in Suite side, including Adobe and Cisco.  On the lean side, we see vendors such as Liferay, Backbase, Drupal and DotNetNuke.
One of the key points I got out of Gene’s talk is to understand the ethos, or character, of the various vendor products.  Gene offers the following ethos for each vendor.

  • Vendor -> Ethos
  • Adobe -> Customer
  • Cisco -> Collaboration
  • IBM -> Customer; Employee
  • Oracle -> Business Apps/Process
  • MS -> Collaboration
  • SAP -> Business Apps/Process

The ethos doesn’t mean that a vendor can’t play in another space, but it may be more challenging.
Gene offers the follow strategies to address UXP in the future:

  • Take inventory of portal and portal-like technologies and efforts in your enterprise
  • Establish governance early, including processes, teams and executive sponsorship
  • Improve design processes as precursor to UXP adoption
  • Gather Feedback from stakeholders
  • Capitalize on widget and gadget integration via RESTful approaches
  • Plan for an onslaught of mobile requirements
  • Verify Alignment with Portal Vendor strategies
  • Devise a framework and establish standards to address ongoing portal and UXP initiatives.
  • Look at new sourcing strategies: buy  vs build vs hosting vs cloud

I asked about how Web Content Management vendors play in the UXP arena.  Gene responded that Personalization is really at the heart of a UXP.  Personalization is something portals do very well.  If you have a content management system that also does a good job of personalization, then that could be the basis of an excellent UXP platform.  See Adobe for an excellent example.  He thinks, and I agree, that we will see Web Content Management vendors becoming players in the UXP market.

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