Visualize Mobile Strategy With iRise In Just 4 Hours

I can not remember the last time I’ve been in a conversation with a customer about a project that didn’t involve some sort of mobile component.  It’s no surprise that everyone wants mobile and the majority of those people actually need it.  We have found that using iRise, through Enterprise Visualization methodologies, have allowed us to simulate mobile environments in as little as 4 hours.  I was tasked with building a CRM application for Bank of America, to show them some ideas of what we were thinking about. (NOTE: This is not a current project and does not represent any decisions made by the actual customer at this time)
This process, including creating the graphic assets, only took a total of 4 hours.  Image what could be in in a week!

Another  project that followed the exact same path was for Meijer.  They are a grocery store located in the Midwest.  Their application was more custom, but took only 5 hours to create, including all graphic assets.

Bottom line, visualizing mobile in iRise is amazingly fast and can produce projects that are pixel for pixel, high-fidelity.

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