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Context Driven reports in OBIEE using “P” arguments

I was recently reminded of how some projects need OBIEE reports to run off of some context with their Siebel or other application. By far the most common use of this is in combining Siebel with OBIEE where the parent applet drives the child applet and the symbolic URL is used to inherit the fields in the parent applet buscomp to pass to OBIEE. But it doesn’t have to be just Siebel, any application can send its “context” to a OBIEE report using the “P” parameters as arguments.

It’s rather simple all that’s required is to append the following arguments to your URL which contains the report that you are calling:


&P0 = This the number of columns you will be filtering on

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&P1= This is the operator that you’ll use the possible operators are:

  • eq = Equals
  • neq = Not equal to
  • lt = Less than
  • le = Less than or equal to
  • gt = Greater than
  • ge = Greater than or equal to
  • bwith = Begins with
  • ewith = Ends with
  • cany = Contains any
  • call = Contains all
  • like = Like (be sure to use %25 instead of just % when you pass in the value)
  • null = Is null
  • nnull = Is not null
  • bet = Between
  • top  = In top x
  • bottom = In bottom x

&P2 = Presentation Table.Column (for example: “Employees.First Name”)

&P3= Values (for example: “Jill”)

You can repeat the P1-3 over and over as you need as 4-6, 5-8 and so on. Below is an example of passing arguments through for context on 3 columns, Employee First Name, Skill and Skill Level for Jill who has a skill of unlocking and a skill level of master:

?GoPath=Shared/Employee Skill Report&Action=Navigate&P0=3&P1=eq&P2=”Employee.First Name”&P3=Jill&P4=eq&P5=”Skill.Skill Name”&P6=Unlocking&P7=eq&P8=”Skill.Skill Level”&P8=Master

Note: For use with Siebel in the symbolic URL arguments the type can be set to “Field” and the value should be the name of the buscomp field of the parent record. Also be sure to set IsRecordSensitive as an argument with a type of Command and value of TRUE


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