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I was going through some TDWI material and found what they considered the ‘Best of BI’ in 2011. They mentioned mobile BI as being one of the top. With mobile devices being a key piece of a business today, and Gartner mentioning that by 2013, 33% of BI functionality will be consumed via a mobile device; I fully agree with TDWI. Rendering that critical piece of information to an executive’s Ipad somewhere across the continent may not be a luxury anymore but a business necessity.

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I looked around for market players taking up mobile BI and I found a short list here most are smaller players in the BI space.

I am in the IBM (cognos) BI unit and I know there have been talks and we even had demos last year of BI delivered on the Ipad; but I feel like the bigger names have not come out strongly to push mobile BI.

TDWI mentions Big Data as the main thing in the BI space this year, but I still feel that we will be seeing a lot of growth and interest in mobile BI.

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