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Microsoft BI – No more excuses!

It’s been a few months since my last post and a lot has changed on the Business Intelligence front.
‘Big Data’ considerations are working their way into strategy discussions; DW appliances are being considered for BI proposals; and Self-service analytics continues to be one of the top demands of organizations.

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In response to these changes, Microsoft has announced the pending release of their new database platform SQL Server 2012, aka ‘Denali’, which answers all of these questions and more. 

In preparation for the Denali release of SQL Server, the National Microsoft BI practice has been hard at work researching these changes and how they will affect your BI projects.  Several topics that will be explored by the Microsoft BI team in the near future will include:

  • Strategy
    • Value proposition for Microsoft BI
    • Building a strategic roadmap for enterprise BI
  • Management
    • Critical skills for a successful BI implementation
    • Detecting and fixing a failing BI project
  • Governance
    • Master Data Services (MDM) – Master data and steward portals
    • Data Quality Services – Data profiling and auditing
  • Implementation
    • New self-service and modeling options
    • ‘Big Data’ and Hadoop support in SQL Server
    • Columnstore indexing and in-memory analytics
    • Reference and hardware architectures for large scale DW solutions

In short, the Microsoft BI platform now competes on all levels of an enterprise BI platform and should be considered for all possible

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