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In praise of page guides

I’ve been working with Axure’s 6.0 update for a few weeks, and so far I think my favorite feature is the addition of page guides.  Page guides make aligning elements so much easier, and since they are standard for most design tools, they were overdue in Axure.
The guides are easy to use — just click and drag from the left rule or top rule to pull a guide down. Options for aligning to guides include snap and glue. The guides can also be created globally, making grid templates a breeze. I have to unlearn my old method of creating grid guides, which was more laborious and clunky.

Axure position guide

Axure position guide

Aligning widgets has also been simplified. When you click and drag a widget, a semi-transparent box displays its position and size in a guide to the right of the widget. This is a popular feature that has been included in some other rapid prototyping tools, and thus another welcome addition to the Axure toolset.
Also, a small but effective change to the icon set makes alignment icons easier to see and understand.
Axure, you’ve made me very happy! What do you think of Axure 6.0? What are your favorite features?

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