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Oracle punches back at IBM’s “Big Data” Analytics with the Exalytics server

IBM has largely owned the talk about “Big Data” analytics this year, but no more. In the first, of what will most likely be many salvos fired Oracle today announced their competitor server for the “Extreme Analytics” market the “Exalytics Server”.  This monster comes in at a Terabyte of ram and processor with 40 cores.  Combined with Oracle’s TimesTen In-memory RDBMS this server is just what Oracle needed to stake out a place in the “Big Data”, or “Extreme Analytics”, world.

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As a BI geek I love the idea of having all that power available for use. And certainly there will be tons of customers out there that could put these to good use. I fear though that for some this might be like killing a mosquito with a cannon. But man, what a cannon.

As I often like to say, exciting times.

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