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#SPC11: Day 1

It’s been an interesting and exciting first day at SPC11. Everything from the facilities to the overall organization to the drive and excitement are what we’ve come to expect from a big Microsoft Conference. SharePoint has truly invaded Mickey Mouse’s neighborhood.
What’s also impressive is the impact the SharePoint Community has on shaping the conference. From the conference breakfast where giant screens of streaming tweets provided some dining entertainment to the keynote itself where our host Jared Spataro spoke to the prevalence of SharePoint Saturdays and SharePints that many of the 7500 attendees have experienced
So, as I try to summarize the activities of Day 1, I look to the community, and nowhere else is the community more visible than on Twitter, and more specifically the hash tag #spc11. This river of tweets contains a great perspective on the day’s first events and activities we’ve experienced.
But what about those of who are not yet part of the twitter phenomenon, or those just too busy today to keep an eye on twitter throughout the day. For those, I present a small sample of the best and most relevant tweets of the day. Read and enjoy:

@joeloleson Joel Oleson SharePoint has 125 Million users with 65000 customers. Office 365 already has millions of users. #spc11
marcykellar marcy kellar Next version of SharePoint has 12 times the visual designers involved. Focus on UX and social is BIG! #spc11
SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint Announcement: the first service update for O365 including support for BCS to remote web-services by end of year. #spc11
nikxpatel Nik Patel Teper earlier announced that his team working closely with Azure team? Hint – learn Azure if you are #SharePoint pro.. #spc11
harbars Spencer Harbar Every Vote Counts – Please help decide how to divide our $50,000 donation between NetHope’s member humanitarian organizations.
SPBert Bert Johnson Congrats to @KimmoForss and @harbars for being the first two Microsoft Certified Architects for SharePoint!
vcmonkey Virgil Carroll #spc11 wow bold statement, Jeff Teper says governance in #SharePoint is not an issue with all the feature and tools available…interesting
jthake Jeremy Thake Bravest demo I’ve ever seen at keynote, failing over 14.4tb with 7500 concurrent users great work #SharePoint
cmcnulty2000 Chris McNulty SharePoint Conference 2011 – ‘Fantastic’ Keynote Summary
AndrewWoody Andrew Woodward Watching #SPC11 in tweetdeck is a little like being in the Matrix – I know kung fu 🙂
joiningdots Joining Dots Surprised – Gartner says MS leading Google in cloud-based email and collab market at SharePoint conf #spc11
Karuana Karuana Gatimu @joeypatterson: Don’t call SharePoint “SharePoint.” Call it something that will make user adoption easier #spc11
#spc245 YES ours is ThePlaza
SharePointeer Derek Watson Want good karma? Find someone new to twitter posting at #SPC11 and give them a follow and welcome them! #RandomActsofAwesome
joeloleson Joel Oleson SharePoint Best Practice. Get wrist bands for parties you plan to go to. It’s a requirement for most parties, & some will sell out! #SPC11

Did I miss any? Please comment and let me (and everyone else) know what you saw/heard.

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