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More Info on the WebSphere Portal 8 Beta

Glenn Kline posted on the portal 8 beta not long ago. Mark Polly has also been actively checking it out. I just got some more news on it as well.  IBM has an active open beta available to a variety of companies and firms.  Since this is probably the most comprehensive list I’ve seen so far I’ll reproduce it. Their site notes the following in this beta:

Version 8.0 Beta two highlights include

  • Managed Pages
    • A simplified way to create and manage portal pages and web content using a new integrated toolbar.
    • New page draft and approval process lets you preview and approve changes to pages before publishing them.
  • Site Area Templates
    • Create site area templates that define the authoring settings, such as the design of the form, elements and fields on a form, and default values.
    • Restrict authoring templates usage. For example, use site area templates to only allow “news” items to be created within a “news” site area of a website.
  • Enhanced Projects
    • Add users as approvers for a project and send a project through a review state before publishing.
  • Simplified Business Process Management
    • Users access relevant tasks and activities for multiple Business Process Management solutions from a single user interface, the Unified Task List portlet.
    • Integrate your site with several Process Management solutions.
  • Enhanced SAP integration
    • Support for the new IBM WebSphere Portal Integrator for SAP lets you expose elements from SAP Netweaver Portal directly into WebSphere Portal.
  • IBM Installation Manager
    • Manage the software life cycle with a single tool: Install, Update, Rollback, Modify, and Uninstall.
    • Faster installation performance and better integration with other IBM products.
  • Social Business in Context
    • New Community Page support lets you more readily scope and place IBM Connections portlets in the right Portal and WCM context.
      • IBM Connections Community Pages portlets are available for Profiles and Blogs with Beta 2.
    • A consistent tagging and rating experience between WebSphere Portal, Web Content Manager, and IBM Connections.
    • OpenID Authentication lets portal users authenticate with public social network credentials, such as a Facebook ID, Google ID or Yahoo ID.

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