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Introducing the Microsoft //BUILD Conference Webinar Series

microsoftpicMicrosoft announced ground-breaking news at their BUILD conference in Anaheim, CA last week — an upcoming windows Platform refresh that will impact anyone who uses services or develops for the Windows platform. Windows 8 will feature a new, tablet-inspired interface called Metro, and an app-focused development environment. While we can expect more news and details from the Windows 8 team in coming months, Perficient has compiled details and analysis from one of our Microsoft experts, Chris Woodruff. Chris is a member of Perficient’s Microsoft Competency Center specializing in Application Architecture and Development, and he leads technical business development for Windows Azure.

Chris was present at the BUILD conference and attended many of the Windows 8 sessions regarding this exciting upcoming Windows release. Over the next four weeks, Chris will present his insights and opinions on Windows 8, and he will demonstrate some of the new features we can expect to see and how they will impact Microsoft developers, IT professionals, and end users who will be empowered by this great new technology.

Each Thursday starting on September 29 from 1:00 to 2:00PM EST, Chris Woodruff will be hosting a webinar which will cover various take-aways from the BUILD conference. Each week’s webinar will be independent from the previous week’s, but in the end, will give attendees the knowledge and tools they will need to handle the next two years of Microsoft Windows planning and strategy during this exciting time in the technology world.

We will also feature valuable blog posts about the agenda and details for each webinar. Keep an eye on this blog for these important webinar announcements.

The following is the rundown for each webinar, as well as the registration link to sign up now and reserve your spot.

We have changed the date of the second webinar to October 27, 2011.

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