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Accessibility tips

I recently listened to an interview with accessibility expert Derek Featherstone. He provided some of the following practical and valuable tips for Web accessibility.

  1. A site designed to conform to good usability, copywriting, and Web standards goes a long way to making a site accessible. Things like using the proper heading structure (H1 on every page, followed by H2 instead of H4, etc), making sure all form fields have labels, and conducting usability testing are all strongly recommended.
  2. Make sure that you can do everything on your site efficiently with a keyboard. You can include this in your test scripts.
  3. Be careful if you’re using HTML5, because not all browsers and operating system combinations support it completely.
  4. Don’t worry too much about JavaScript. Most screen readers can handle it.
Of course there are many more guidelines and standards in Section 508 and WCAG, depending on your accessibility requirements or desires.

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