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Redirecting to the right SharePoint page following UAG authentication

Here’s the scenario:
  • You publish SharePoint content using UAG
  • Users want to share links via email/IM
  • When the recipient clicks your link, they’re prompted to log in
  • After authenticating, they’re redirected to your SharePoint homepage instead of the original link

The reason for this is that UAG only has one <FORM/> action target that is set to your homepage.
The good news is that UAG keeps your original link in its ‘orig_url‘ parameter. We can use Javascript in SharePoint to look at the referring URL and redirect automatically.
To do so, simply add this Javascript to the <HEAD/> of your master page:


var origURLPos = document.referrer.indexOf(‘&orig_url=’);

if (origURLPos > -1){

var url = unescape(document.referrer.substr(origURLPos + 10));




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