A year flying by

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in August. The year is literally flying by. It’s been some time since I’ve blogged, and it’s not because there isn’t plenty to blog about; it’s a matter of finding the time to do so.

Since my last blog entry (back in April — ouch!) things have been moving at breakneck speed.

In May I had the opportunity to attend the Seattle Scrum Gathering and presented a session on Scrum – For Business. The session was well received, and the Gathering itself was outstanding. The comments from many participants to the conference, both old-timers who had attended many as well as first timers was consistently positive. Many old-timers commented that it was the best Gathering they had attended.

The Seattle Scrum Gathering was quickly followed by the regional Shanghai Scrum Gathering in June. This was our fourth Scrum Alliance sponsored event in Shanghai in as many years, and our second formal Gathering. This year we went big. The gathering had over 500 attendees, even larger than the global Gathering in Seattle. The event was completely community driven, and the results remarkable. Great keynotes and sessions and overwhelmingly positive feedback from the attendees.

July was even busier, with travel across four countries: China, the US, Singapore, and Japan. It was a fantastic opportunity to experience and observe (and hopefully improve upon) the state of agile on a broad basis.

So now were in August, and in the midst of two Boot Camps. With over 40 interns participating in our intensive training program we’re positioned to continue our strong and rapid growth.

Looking ahead, I will be traveling to London in October to participate in the London Scrum Gathering where I will be presenting on ‘Being a Professional Agile Developer’.

I anticipate this quick synopsis providing a basis for several follow-up entries over the coming weeks as I get back to blogging on a more regular basis.

That is as long as I can find the time…

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