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Mobile Stats – Android vs iOS from

No, this won’t be a post about what’s better, Android or iOS.  Instead, I was looking at the site and came across some cool information about the status of the mobile market. collects user feedback and created this great looking chart detailing lots of statistics.  I’ve reproduced the chart below, or you can find it on here:  Android vs iOS

There are lots of information in the chart.  Here are some interesting stats from the chart.

Android users are 10% more likely to be male, while iPhone users are 18% more likely to be women.

How about this one: Android users are slightly more pessimistic while iPhone users are slightly more optimistic.

Or this one: Android users are 70% more likely to never have left their native country, but iOS users are 50% more likely to travel internationally.

I won’t go through all the statistics in the chart, but I think you will find a lot of them very interesting.


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