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12 Things to Get Your Portal in Production Quickly: Wrap Up

Over the last 3 weeks Mike Porter and I have covered a number of topics to consider when trying to accelerate your speed to production for a portal project.  In case you missed any of the installments, here they are.  Good luck on your project!

Previous Installments

  1. Dependency Management
  2. Ramp Your Resources
  3. Don’t Forget Your Users
  4. Visualization Tools
  5. Use the Capabilities Portal Provides Out of the Box
  6. Foundation One Step at a Time
  7. Use an Experienced Core Team
  8. Use Collaborative Tools
  9. Provide Ramp Up Time for Less Experienced Resources
  10. Change Management
  11. Don’t Forget Mobile
  12. Use an Iterative Development Methodology

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Glenn Kline

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