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How Google+ Has Already Changed My Social Media Habits

As a social media specialist, I have a professional obligation to jump on board when a new platform launches. But I was skeptical of Google+. Did I really need a new social presence? I was already experiencing a little personal-brand social fatigue.
But while researching Google+, something amazing happened—the circles got me. I couldn’t stop sorting and adding friends. It was addictive.
And it didn’t stop there: I built out my Google+ profile and connected it to my Twitter, Picasa and LinkedIn accounts. Then I made resolutions to keep up to date with all these tools. Google+ actually inspired me to revitalize my abandoned social accounts! My Twitter account, which hadn’t been touched since 2009, suddenly received long-awaited attention. I finally uploaded pictures to my lonely Picasa account and shared them on Twitter. I added the Amazon app to my LinkedIn page and uploaded a couple of books to my “Books I’ve Read Recently” list.
So Facebook beware! Google+ has my attention, and it will be very interesting to see how quickly other users join and, more importantly, if they are motivated to get more involved with other social tools. I, for one, will be watching to see if Google+ becomes a new social hub. My personal experience tells me it will.

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