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Emerging Trends in Analytics – Part I

In my previous post, I talked about organizational readiness for Pervasive BI and Advanced Analytics, and that theme briefly touched upon the new, obvious trend in BI – Analytics for the masses. As a matter of fact, some industry experts opine that “BI for the masses” has actually graciously given way to “Analytics for the masses”.  I don’t quite agree with that, although I do think that the latter is increasingly becoming a new, rather subtle trend in this space.

Even though data mining and analytics have been around for a long time; they weren’t really mainstream up until now. More and more Retail and Financial Services giants are looking to introduce their front-line folks to predictive analytics and sophisticated exploratory techniques in order to foster an “analytic-centric” culture within their organizations.  SAP BI is leading the charge in this transformation for some of our very critical clients. One of our key customers that I recently engaged with is really leveraging the complete SAP Business Objects product suite to bring about this strategic transformation in the mind-set from top to bottom.

Data Intelligence - The Future of Big Data
The Future of Big Data

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As with any technology, success in Business Analytics is directly proportional to user adoption, and is in turn governed by user experience and interest. And, this is where we step into the larger business transformation and change management discussion, which most companies today tend to ignore. The bottom line is that organizations who use effective transformational approaches and embrace BI and Analytics as a total user experience obtain high degrees of success, whereas those who embark on this painful journey without proactively enabling the People, Process and Technology components of such change will inevitably struggle and, perhaps even fail.

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Thoughts on “Emerging Trends in Analytics – Part I”

  1. Thank you for the encouraging words. I am in the process of developing Part II. I think I will be done with it by the end of this week. So, please do check back again then!

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