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Spaghetti Sauce and Design for the End User

A friend of mine recently showed me an excellent TED talk by Malcolm Gladwell, the author of BlinkOutliers and Tipping Point. The insights in his books have always been entertaining and he has a great way of bringing data to life. In the video below, he recounts the story of a friend who, in his work as a psycho-physicist, uncovers what Gladwell believes is the most important modern innovation in food.

As Gladwell notes in his presentation, our society is currently going through “the movement from the search for universals to the understanding of variability.” What does this mean? We are beginning to focus more on context than absolutes; understanding the experience of the end user is becoming as important as simply creating the product. In encouraging his clients to embrace variety and personalization rather than uniformity, Howard Moskowitz touched upon a principle that extends far beyond the world of food – create with others in mind. Whether you are a chef, an artist or a software developer, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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